Solar Skylights

Solar Skylights

Solar skylights, also known as solar-powered skylights or solar tube skylights, are innovative and eco-friendly lighting solutions designed to bring natural sunlight into interior spaces without the need for electricity. They consist of a specially designed dome or lens on the roof that captures sunlight and directs it through a reflective tube or shaft into the room below.The main purpose of solar skylights is to provide natural daylight to areas that do not have access to traditional windows or where installing conventional skylights is not feasible due to structural constraints. They are particularly useful in interior spaces with limited access to natural light, such as hallways, bathrooms, closets, or rooms surrounded by other buildings.Solar skylights operate entirely on renewable solar energy, making them energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They are equipped with a solar panel on the roof dome that captures sunlight during the day. The captured solar energy powers an LED light source in the interior fixture, which emits the collected daylight into the room, even during nighttime.The use of solar skylights can lead to reduced energy consumption for artificial lighting during daylight hours, contributing to energy savings and lower electricity bills. Additionally, the introduction of natural light can improve the ambiance of the interior space, promote better health, and positively impact the well-being of occupants.Installation of solar skylights requires professional expertise to ensure proper placement, sealing, and integration with the roof structure. Proper maintenance is essential to keep the dome and reflective tube clean and maximize the amount of sunlight entering the room.



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