Bib Pants

Bib Pants

Bib pants, also known as bib overalls or dungarees, are a type of protective clothing commonly worn in various industries and outdoor activities. They are designed with a bib-like upper section that extends over the chest and attaches to shoulder straps, while the lower section covers the legs and typically includes a pant-like design. Bib pants are often made of durable materials such as denim, canvas, or synthetic fabrics that offer resistance to abrasion, tearing, and dirt. They are favored for their practicality, comfort, and versatility, providing protection and convenience in demanding work environments. Bib pants are commonly used by workers in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and other physically demanding professions. They offer additional benefits like ample storage pockets, adjustable straps for a secure fit, and protection against dirt, debris, or spills. Bib pants are also popular among outdoor enthusiasts, such as gardeners, hunters, and motorcyclists, who appreciate their durability and functional design. These are a practical and reliable choice for individuals seeking comfortable and protective clothing in a wide range of work or recreational activities.220 GSM Cotton Bib Pant Double Stitched, Exclusive Quality1 Zip & 1 Normal Pockets On Chest2 Knee Pockets With Flap2 Back Pockets 2 Side PocketsContact Excel Trading for all your safety clothing and accessories enquiries.


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