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cargo pants are a type of casual trousers known for their functional and utilitarian design. they are characterized by their numerous large pockets, typically located on the sides of the legs, which provide extra storage space for carrying various items such as tools, keys, smartphones, and other personal belongings. originally designed for military use, cargo pants have become popular in civilian fashion due to their practicality and rugged appearance.
cargo pants are made from durable materials like cotton or canvas, making them suitable for outdoor activities and tasks that require durability and flexibility. they are available in various styles, including loose-fitting and slim-fit, to suit different preferences.
the design of cargo pants makes them a versatile choice for both casual and outdoor activities. they are often worn for hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits due to their ample storage capacity and comfort. additionally, cargo pants have also found their way into everyday fashion, offering a stylish and laid-back option for individuals seeking a relaxed and functional look.

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