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a barcoded seal is a tamper-evident security device that incorporates a unique barcode for identification and tracking purposes. these seals are commonly used in various industries to secure and protect goods, packages, containers, or important documents.
 the barcode on the seal contains specific information that can be easily scanned or read using barcode scanners or mobile devices. the use of barcoded seals provides an added layer of security by deterring tampering and providing visible evidence of any unauthorized access. 
these seals offer traceability and improved inventory management by allowing easy identification and tracking of sealed items throughout the supply chain. they enhance operational efficiency by speeding up verification and inspection processes through barcode scanning. barcoded seals also enable authentication of sealed items by cross-referencing the barcode with a database or system. 
they are widely used to meet regulatory and compliance requirements in industries where security and accountability are paramount. barcoded seals are valuable tools for maintaining the integrity, protection, and traceability of goods in various sectors.

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