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a traffic cone, also known as a road cone or safety cone, is a common sight on roads and construction sites, serving as a highly visible marker to enhance safety and guide traffic. typically made of durable and brightly colored materials such as orange pvc, traffic cones are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and be easily noticeable by drivers and pedestrians alike. 
they feature a conical shape with a wide base for stability and a pointed top for easy stacking and storage. the reflective bands or strips around the cone increase visibility, especially during nighttime or low-light conditions.
 traffic cones are used to indicate roadwork, hazards, temporary lane closures, or other situations requiring traffic redirection. they are also employed to demarcate restricted areas, guide vehicles in parking lots, or manage crowd control during events. with their portable and lightweight design, traffic cones provide a flexible and effective means of ensuring road safety and organizing traffic flow in a variety of settings.

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