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a buoyancy aid, also known as a personal flotation device (pfd) or life jacket, is a vital safety device designed to provide buoyancy and assist in keeping a person afloat in water. it is worn by individuals engaging in water activities such as boating, kayaking, or swimming to enhance personal safety and reduce the risk of drowning. buoyancy aids are typically made of durable and buoyant materials, such as foam or inflatable chambers, and are designed to distribute buoyant force across the wearer's body. they often feature adjustable straps and buckles to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. buoyancy aids come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different body types and water activities. while they provide buoyancy and keep the wearer afloat, it is important to note that buoyancy aids are not considered life-saving devices and should not be relied upon as a substitute for proper swimming skills or other safety measures. however, they play a crucial role in increasing water safety awareness and providing an additional layer of protection for individuals in aquatic environments.
  • vinyl coated workvest 
  • model : xt100 
  •  adjustable size
  • ccs type approved certificate
  • catalogue copy attached

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