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  • a corner bend roller, also known as a corner roller or cable roller, is a specialized tool used in the installation and routing of cables, wires, or ropes around corners or bends. it is designed to minimize friction and prevent damage to the cable during the pulling or routing process.
  • corner bend rollers typically consist of a sturdy frame with one or more rollers positioned at a 90-degree angle. the rollers are smooth and rounded to provide a smooth surface for the cable to pass over, reducing friction and preventing kinks or snags.
  • the corner bend roller is commonly used in various industries such as telecommunications, construction, and utilities, where cables or wires need to be maneuvered around corners or bends in a controlled manner. it allows for smooth and efficient cable installation and routing, minimizing the risk of cable damage or performance issues.
  • designed to safely guide cable around corners.
  • made of heavy duty steel construction.
  • can be linked together with stake pins
  • maintenance free, water proofed, rubber sealed ball bearings.
  • designed for taking the heaviest cables around corners and bends

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