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a shopping trolley, also known as a shopping cart or carriage in some regions, is a wheeled cart designed for use in retail stores to assist customers in transporting their purchases. typically made of metal or plastic, shopping trolleys have an open-top basket-like structure with a handlebar and a set of wheels, allowing customers to move comfortably and efficiently through stores while carrying their selected items. the size and capacity of shopping trolleys can vary, with larger ones often found in supermarkets to accommodate bigger shopping trips.
shopping trolleys play a vital role in modern retail, offering convenience and ease for shoppers, who can load items as they browse the aisles, eliminating the need to carry heavy or numerous items by hand. they have become an essential tool for both customers and stores, enabling higher sales volumes and encouraging larger purchases due to the added convenience they provide. moreover, shopping trolleys contribute to more organized store layouts and smoother shopping experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining the retail process.

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