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a 5-channel cable protector is a specialized device designed to protect and manage multiple cables or wires in high-traffic areas. these cable protectors feature five separate channels or grooves that allow for the organized placement and routing of cables, reducing the risk of damage, tripping hazards, and cable entanglement.
the outer casing of a 5-channel cable protector is typically made from durable materials such as rubber, polyurethane, or plastic, providing strength and resistance to impact. this construction ensures that the cable protector can withstand heavy loads, foot traffic, or vehicular traffic without compromising the integrity of the cables.
5-channel cable protectors are commonly used in a variety of settings, including events, construction sites, industrial facilities, conventions, or any location where multiple cables need to be managed and protected. they provide a secure and organized solution for cable management, allowing for efficient traffic flow while minimizing accidents and maintaining a neat working environment.
size: 900mm (l) x 500mm (w) x 50mm (h)features
  • high density polyurethane construction.
  • modular interlocking design
  • safety surface pattern.
  • high resistance to mechanical stress (tank transporters, tanker lorries up to 44 tons)
  • adapted to extreme temperatures
  • high uv resistance
  • adaptable to all types of terrain, including uneven ground
  • ground anchoring hole for easy maintenance work
  • removable cover for easy transport
  • high strength: mechanical resistance much higher than maximum permitted lords
  • high temperature resistance up to 60 ambient temperature

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