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traffic safety products encompass a wide range of tools, equipment, and devices that play a crucial role in enhancing road safety and mitigating potential hazards. these products include traffic signs, traffic cones and barricades, reflective tapes and markings, speed bumps and humps, traffic signals, road studs, safety vests and personal protective equipment (ppe), and speed detection devices. traffic signs provide vital information, warnings, and regulations to guide drivers, while traffic cones and barricades mark and redirect traffic, creating safe work zones. reflective tapes and markings improve visibility, particularly during low-light conditions, and speed bumps and humps help reduce vehicle speed in designated areas. 

traffic signals regulate traffic flow and pedestrian crossings, while road studs provide additional guidance on road edges and lane markings. safety vests and ppe ensure the protection of workers in high-risk areas, and speed detection devices help enforce speed limits. together, these traffic safety products contribute to creating safer roads, protecting drivers, pedestrians, and road workers, and promoting efficient and orderly traffic flow.

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