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storz male adaptor: the storz male adaptor is a component with symmetrical lugs and a collar on one end. it is designed to be inserted into a storz female coupling, creating a reliable and leak-proof connection. the male adaptor is equipped with locking lugs that fit into the corresponding slots of the female coupling, and when twisted, it forms a secure attachment. storz male adaptors are widely used in firefighting operations and industrial settings, where a quick and efficient connection is crucial.
storz female adaptor: on the other hand, the storz female adaptor is a component that has symmetrical lugs and a collar on one end, similar to the male adaptor. it is designed to receive the storz male coupling, completing the connection. the female adaptor's locking lugs and slots ensure a secure fit with the male adaptor, creating a reliable seal to prevent leakage.
the storz coupling system is known for its ease of use and quick connection method, making it a preferred choice in firefighting and emergency response situations. its symmetrical design allows for a 360-degree orientation, enabling firefighters to attach hoses rapidly and efficiently. storz male and female adaptors play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and reliable connection between firefighting hoses, hydrants, and other firefighting equipment, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of firefighting operations.

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