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Oil Responder Pads

Oil Responder Pads
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spilltech wp100h oil-only responder pads
oil-only responder pads, also known as oil spill absorbent pads or oil spill response pads, are specialized absorbent materials designed to selectively absorb and contain oil-based liquids. these pads are commonly used in industrial settings, maintenance operations, and emergency spill response scenarios to efficiently clean up and contain oil spills.
  • economical melt blown mat for effective oil response.
  • best performing pad on water due to fast-wicking fibers.
  • highly absorbent melt blown polypropylene mat repels water and soaks up only oil and oil-based fluids.
  • floats even when completely saturated     most effective for marine spills.
  • bright white color makes it easy to locate in spill emergencies.
  • won   t fall apart even when fully saturated.
  • dimensions: 15    w x 19    l
  • sold as: 100 pads per package
  • color: white
  • composition: polypropylene
  • absorbency: up to 33.4 gal. per package
  • absorbency per: up to 42.75 oz. per

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