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a vehicle inspection mirror, also known as an automotive inspection mirror or undercarriage mirror, is a tool used for inspecting the underside of vehicles for security, safety, or maintenance purposes. it consists of a mirror mounted on a long handle or pole, allowing users to view areas that are typically difficult to access, such as the underside of a car or truck. vehicle inspection mirrors are commonly used by law enforcement agencies, security personnel, automotive mechanics, and parking lot attendants. they help in checking for hidden or suspicious objects, detecting contraband or illegal items, identifying leaks or damages, and inspecting vehicle components such as exhaust systems, suspensions, or fuel lines.
 the mirrors are usually convex or wide-angle, providing a broader field of view. some inspection mirrors may have adjustable handles or telescopic poles to reach different heights or angles.
 additionally, they may feature built-in led lights for better visibility in low-light conditions. vehicle inspection mirrors are lightweight, portable, and easy to use, making them a practical tool for conducting thorough inspections and ensuring the safety and security of vehicles.

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