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an electric rotary pump is a type of pump that is powered by an electric motor and uses a rotating mechanism to transfer fluids. it is designed to efficiently move liquids such as oil, fuel, water, or chemicals from one location to another.
 electric rotary pumps typically consist of a motor, a pump body, and an impeller or rotor. the motor provides the necessary power to rotate the impeller, which creates suction and generates fluid flow. the pump body is designed to contain and direct the fluid being pumped. electric rotary pumps can be used in various industries and applications, including automotive, agriculture, industrial, and marine environments. 
they are often utilized for refueling vehicles or machinery, transferring fluids between tanks or containers, or circulating liquids in various processes. electric rotary pumps offer several advantages, including high efficiency, smooth operation, and the ability to handle different types of fluids. they are generally easy to install and require minimal maintenance. electric rotary pumps come in different sizes and capacities to accommodate specific flow rate requirements. some models may also include additional features such as built-in filters, flow meters, or automatic shut-off mechanisms for enhanced functionality and convenience. 
overall, electric rotary pumps are reliable and versatile tools for fluid transfer, offering a convenient and efficient solution for many pumping applications.

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