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  • 3 ton pallet truck
  • 3 ton pallet trolley
a pallet trolley, also known as a pallet cart or pallet dolly, is a versatile material handling tool used to transport and maneuver pallets and heavy loads within industrial and commercial environments. it consists of a wheeled platform with a low profile, designed to fit under standard wooden or plastic pallets. the pallet trolley is typically equipped with swivel casters or wheels, allowing it to move smoothly and turn easily in various directions.
to use a pallet trolley, an operator places the forks or prongs of the trolley under the pallet, ensuring they are securely engaged. once the pallet is properly positioned on the trolley, the operator can effortlessly move and steer the load to its intended destination, even in confined spaces.
pallet trolleys come in different sizes and weight capacities to accommodate various load requirements. they are valuable tools for streamlining material handling operations, reducing manual labor, and increasing efficiency in warehouses, distribution centers, factories, and other industrial settings.

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