Excel Trading Company LLC

04 Nov 2020

Nowadays people are behind a touchless economy and they need to do all their work without efforts. The industry is clearly exploring new methods of delivering their product to market  from live streaming to virtual events  drive-in concerts 
 While thinking these concepts and efforts are appreciated and being consumed by the end user; there is no equal replacement of a large scale lighting. For the lighting industry and the commercial sector in particular, speculation is that this pandemic will accelerate the adoption of connected lighting systems. Commercial buildings are getting smarter and more efficient every day, and one of the key technologies driving this trend
 Connected lighting refers to a system of light fixtures that have sensors and are connected to a network, allowing them to send and receive data.
 History has taught us that the human race will once again prevail against the latest pandemic. While life will get back to normal, it might never be the same. Although connected lighting has gained a lot of buzz and market traction, we still have a long way to go to make it an integral part of our lives. Nevertheless, COVID-19 has forced many to contemplate, or perhaps plan for, a post-pandemic world. Our needs for automation, touchless technologies, data, flexibility, greater reliance on each other, plus increased focus on well-being will shape many decisions in a post-pandemic world.