Cage Nuts

Cage Nuts

Cage nuts are a type of fastener used to secure equipment and components in rack-mounted systems. They are commonly used in server racks, network cabinets, and other similar installations where equipment needs to be securely mounted.Cage nuts are designed to be compatible with square-holed racks, which have a pattern of square-shaped holes at regular intervals. The cage nuts fit into these square holes and provide a threaded insert for attaching screws or bolts.The construction of a cage nut typically consists of a metal cage with a captive nut inside. The cage has flanges or tabs that help hold it in place within the square hole of the rack, preventing it from spinning or falling out when a screw or bolt is inserted.To install equipment, a cage nut is inserted into the square hole of the rack, with the tabs or flanges facing inward. The equipment or component is then placed over the cage nut, and a screw or bolt is inserted through the equipment and into the captive nut of the cage nut. This securely fastens the equipment to the rack.Cage nuts provide a convenient and reliable method for mounting and securing equipment in rack-mounted systems. They allow for easy installation and removal of equipment without the need for additional tools or specialized hardware. They also offer flexibility, as equipment can be repositioned or replaced by simply removing and reinserting the screws or bolts.



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