Dog Bolt

Dog Bolt

A dog bolt, also known as a dog point bolt or a set screw, is a type of fastener that is similar to a bolt but does not have a traditional bolt head. Instead, it has a flat or rounded end called a dog point or a set screw end.The dog bolt is typically threaded along its entire length and is designed to be inserted into a pre-drilled hole or threaded opening. It is tightened using a wrench or a specialized tool to secure two or more components together.The dog bolt is commonly used in applications where a flush or recessed fastening is desired, or where a traditional bolt head may interfere with the operation or design of the assembled components. It is often used to secure gears, pulleys, collars, or other machine parts.The set screw end of the dog bolt creates a fixed point of contact, providing resistance against axial movement or rotation. This makes it suitable for applications where the fastened components need to be locked in place or adjusted to a specific position.To install a dog bolt, the threaded end is inserted into the pre-drilled hole or threaded opening. It is then tightened using a wrench or tool to securely fasten the components together. The dog point end ensures a stable and reliable connection.Dog bolts are available in various sizes, materials, and thread types to suit different applications and requirements. They are commonly made of steel, stainless steel, or other durable alloys to provide strength and resistance to corrosion.



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