Half Round Door Stopper

Half Round Door Stopper

A half-round door stopper, also known as a half-moon door stop or half-circle door stop, is a type of door stopper with a semi-circular or half-round shape. It is a small device installed on the floor or wall near the base of a door to prevent it from swinging too far open or hitting the wall.The half-round door stopper typically consists of a rubber or other flexible material attached to a metal or plastic base. The flexible part acts as a buffer, absorbing the impact when the door comes into contact with it, preventing damage to the door, walls, or nearby furniture.The installation of a half-round door stopper is relatively simple. It can be mounted on the floor using screws or adhesive backing, or it can be fixed on the wall to protect walls from damage caused by doorknobs or door handles.Half-round door stoppers are popular choices for residential and commercial spaces due to their discreet appearance and functional design. They are especially useful in tight spaces or areas with limited clearance between the door and the adjacent wall or furniture.These door stoppers come in various finishes and colors to complement different interior styles. Some models may have additional features, such as anti-slip properties, to prevent the door from accidentally sliding or shifting when in use.The color of the robustline half round floor 



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