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Windsock Supplier In Uae | Top Dealer & Supplier

Windsock in AirportWindsocks are destined to be used for finding  Wind Direction Indicators.Windsock are made in polyester, nylon and pvc fabric withwater resistant, PU coated, and U.V  resistant to use   all weatherconditions The density of the fabric does not exceed the 180gsm   recommended by the standards.Our red and white, orange white and orange windsocks aresewn in our factory, and are available in various sizes and dimensions.According to Federal Aviation   specifications in UAE, windsocks may besolid orange, yellow, or white and should not have any lettering or logos. Theones that are the best indicators of wind speed, The place to be used Windsock1. Small airports and airfields2. Medical transportation and helipads3. Petrochemical plants and oil rigs4. Offshore 5. Prisons6. Agriculture7. Harbours, ports, marine8. Power Station 9. VesselsOrange White Wind Sock with poleOrange White Wind SockWindsock material1. Aviation windsock: Lightweight windsock made byreinforced polyester.2. Petrochemical: Heavy-duty windsocks are made withsynthetic rubber which is resistant to UV, chemical and toxic fumes.3. Oil and gas industry: Heavy-duty windsocks are made withsynthetic rubber which is resistant to UV, chemical and toxic fumes.4. Agricultural Farm: Sensitive Windsocks are made extremelysensitive to limit pesticide application.Windsock with pole 18 Inch X 5 Feet Orange and WhiteWindsock Orange and WhiteWind direction indicatorWind sock also called wind direction indicator. It isindicated by the windsock's angle relative to the mounting pole. In low winds,the windsock droop down and  in highwinds it flies horizontally.   Some times   windsocks can be used outdooradvertisements, sports events, promotions, festival celebration, etc.   Windsock can indicate the wind direction inthe ultimate approach and take off area and make a general indication on thewind speed. Custom sizes are available. It is made from polyester and nylon.Windsock 18 Inch X 5 Feet Red color with Reflective TapeRed Windsock with Reflective TapeWindsock FrameWindsock frames are made high quality  corrosive   resistant stainless steel, is great for salt water or corrosive areas.All parts including washers etc. are stainless steel. The windsock frame has  top and bottom steel bearing assembly forsmooth running with a pipe thread mount that can be attaches to the main pole.The frame assembly is of the single hoop, trailing vane design and incorporatesa 100% stainless steel frame and permanently lubricated bearings. All units aremade with non-corrosive stainless steel materials.Orange Windsock with pole 24 Inch X 8 FeetOrange Windsock with PoleFeatures1. The Wind Direction Indicator used for Wind Tunnel Tested2. Designed for conditions in which safety and winddirection are of greatest importance like airport and petrochemicals.3. Made of nylon oxford cloth for strength, light weight andhigh fly ability4. High  grade Brightorange for higher visibility5. Throat and tail bands are of heavy duty poly-cottoninterlock stitched with multiple rows of tough synthetic thread6. Throat band finished with steel grommets for easy lacingonto frame


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